Flavors: What Feels Familiar

One of the biggest hurdles for e-cigarette beginners is finding a flavor that works for them, and that feels comfortable. If you are just coming to e-smoking from traditional tobacco cigarettes, it can be tricky to find a flavor that fully satisfies and tastes up to your standards. Keep reading for some tips to scoring that perfect e-cig flavor, based on what you’ve been smoking.

-Remember, cigarettes and e-cigarettes are totally different things. When smoking tobacco cigarettes for a period of time, your tastebuds lose a great deal of their abilities, and don’t function properly. Most smokers know that after switching to vapor, they begin to taste things fully after time and get reacquainted with how things truly taste.

Classic Tobacco Cartridges: If you smoked Marlboro, Winston, Pal-Mal, Lucky Strike, or Chesterfield, this true to form tobacco taste will do it for you. It’s smooth and strong, sweet and rich; basically the classic tobacco essence you’re accustomed to!

Blue Tobacco Cartridges: If you smoked Kent, Benson & Hedges, Parliament, L & M, Viceroy, or Merit, this flavor will work out perfectly! It’s a clean, crisp, and smooth with a delicate endnote; very much an “American Tobacco” on the lighter side.

Golden Tobacco Cartridges: If you smoked Camel, Kent, Marlboro, American Spirit, or Merit, and prefer a bold, earthy flavor, try this one! Similar to the stronger American blends, and crafted to embody the same richness as Middle Eastern and other exotic tobaccos, this is a powerful flavor!

Cool Menthol Cartridges: If you’re a menthol person who smoked Newports, or any other version of menthol cigarettes, this flavor should work nicely for you. It’s cool, clean, and refreshing, but not overtly minty.

Another thought to keep in mind when trying new e-cigarette flavors is to find the right nicotine strength for your tastes. This can affect the overall taste of the vapor, and can come across as too strong or weak for your preferences. You’ve got to find that perfect balance.

Achieving satisfaction from your electronic cigarettes does not have to be complicated, or impossible! One of the best things about E-smoking is that there are so many great options, and nearly everything is designed with smokers in mind, so find that balance!