Four reasons you should switch to electronic cigarettes

You might have heard of vaping and electronic cigarettes, but you may not know why you should think about switching to e-cigs. If you're on the fence about whether vaping is for you, check out South Beach Smoke's top reasons to make the change – we're confident you'll be glad you did.

Looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette
Before trying vapor for themselves, some smokers don't realize just how satisfying a draw on one of our electronic cigarettes can be. Our e-cigs don't just taste great, they also provide you with the same smooth, satisfying throat hit as a traditional tobacco cigarette, but with no smoke. The vaporized nicotine juice, which is made right here in the U.S., offers a rich, deep flavor and the intense satisfying hit you've been looking for.

Freedom to smoke virtually anywhere
Traditional tobacco cigarette smokers have to take their filter-tipped buddy outside whenever they want to enjoy a smoke. Users of electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, are free to smoke in many places where tobacco is outlawed. Many restaurants permit patrons to vape in their establishments, as do some nightclubs and bars. When you choose South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes, you're saying goodbye to the limitations of traditional tobacco and opening up a whole new world of smoking pleasure.

No smell, no lingering odor
Let's face it, the smell of secondhand smoke isn't exactly on the top of many people's list of favorite smells. If you're heading out on a hot date or meeting an important business associate, the last thing you want to smell like is an ashtray. That's why electronic cigarettes are the perfect alternative to tobacco. Our range of e-cigs have no smoke, no tar and no odor, making them the ideal choice for smokers who want to enjoy the rich, satisfying flavors of our 100% USA nicotine juice without the telltale smells of traditional tobacco smoke.

Cost effective
With prices of tobacco cigarettes climbing higher every year, smoking is a costly habit. Fortunately, by switching to e-cigs, it doesn't have to be. South Beach Smoke's Deluxe Starter Kits come with enough cartridges to equal between 14 and 16 packs of traditional smokes, and at just $59.99, the numbers soon add up. If you're sick of paying over the odds for traditional tobacco cigarettes, make the switch to South Beach Smoke e-cigs today.