SBS Friday the13th CBD Deals

Friday the 13th CBD Deals

Friday the 13th is upon us – and you know what that means? Our “killer” CBD deals are here, and they’re an absolute scream! When it comes to enjoying top-quality CBD, we understand you only want the very best, but you might not know where to begin. Have no fear!

We’ve assembled the 13 most common questions, tips, and tricks for getting the most out of your CBD vape juice.

  1. What is CBD? – CBD is short for cannabidiol, an all-natural compound found within the hemp plant.
  2. How much CBD should be in my vape juice? – As much as you prefer! We all enjoy CBD differently, so go with whatever suits you best in your cbd vape juice!
  3. What’s the deal with CBD isolate and full spectrum? – Full spectrum means you’re getting to enjoy every part of the hemp plant, while isolate just means you get incredibly pure CBD!
  4. Does vaping CBD get you high? – Don’t worry, CBD is non-psychoactive, and non-intoxicating. You won’t have to worry about a ‘high’ when using CBD!
  5. Is CBD the same as Marijuana? – Nope! CBD is a chemical compound, and the stuff you get in your vape juice is sourced from high-quality hemp. You won’t find marijuana here!
  6. How much CBD do I need? – As much as you like! Whatever suits your body best. Every individual has different CBD needs, and it’s best to start small.
  7. Which CBD brands can you trust? – There’s a few we absolutely love: Koi CBD, Blue Moon Hemp, and nu-x® CBD are our favorites!
  8. Did You Know: You can enjoy free shipping throughout the U.S. during our Friday the 13th promotion here at South Beach Smoke. It’s the perfect time to sample our expertly-curated CBD collection!
  9. Why are lab tests so important? – Lab tests are used to make sure your CBD vape juice is the best quality it can be. Only trustworthy retailers (like us) give them out – for free!
  10. Is vaping the only way to use CBD? – Not at all! There’s a whole world of CBD gummies, lotions, oils and treats to discover.
  11. Did You Know: – Fancy a breakfast burrito? Enjoying CBD after a high-fat meal can give a big boost to your body’s absorption of CBD!
  12. Is vaping CBD easy? – Absolutely! Just top off your vape tank with a CBD-infused vape juice and puff away!
  13. What’s most important in choosing my CBD vape? – A trusted supplier, free access to the latest lab tests, and enjoying all-natural ingredients are the key to a satisfying CBD experience!

Now that you’ve got the inside info, creep on over to South Beach Smoke to discover our incredible CBD vape juices! We’ve got amazing deals going on all the time, so keep your eyes on your inbox and keep your fingers crossed!

Happy Friday the 13th, 2019!