Getting the most out of your Deluxe Starter Kit

As the saying goes, "Good things come in small packages." This most definitely applies to our Deluxe Starter Kits. At South Beach Smoke, we know that you'll love the rich, satisfying taste of our e-cigarettes, but before you can get vaping and turn your back on traditional tobacco forever, you'll need to unpack your starter kit.

Out of the box
When your Deluxe Starter Kit arrives, you might wonder how so many products can fit in such a small package. After you open your kit, you'll see that it includes two batteries – one regular and one SuperMAX – as well as a USB and wall charging kit, plus the e-cig cartridges you ordered. Depending on whether you bought additional atomizers, you'll have two or maybe more packages of cartridges of varying flavors and strengths of nicotine.

The first thing you should do is check if your electronic cigarette's battery is fully charged. Although one or even both of the batteries might work right out of the box, it's best to ensure you've got at least one of them fully charged before using it. The SuperMAX battery is the longer of the two you'll find in the box, and although this type holds more of a charge, it might take a little longer to fully power. To plug in your e-cig, place the wall charger in an outlet, then attach your e-cig battery to the USB charger via the threaded screw-like attachment. When this is done, simply slide the USB connector into the wall charger. You'll see a red light on the USB attachment, indicating that the battery is not yet fully charged. When it's done, this light will turn green and you're ready to attach your atomizer and start vaping!

Be prepared
If it's just you using your Deluxe Starter Kit, it's best to have one e-cig battery charged at all times while you use the other. This will ensure that the taste and thickness of your vapor will be optimal during use. When it's time to recharge your battery, the orange LED tip of your e-cigarette will blink. Once this happens, simply switch it out for the charged battery you've kept on hand and keep on vaping!

South Beach Smoke has a range of accessories that can help you keep your batteries charged on the go, such as our stylish portable carrying pack. Never be without your favorite flavor of e-cigarettes again!