Getting the Most out of Your E-Cigs

Love your e-cigs? Here are some handy little tips to keep the flame burning strong, you know, to make them last as long as possible and to keep them running smoothly. Consider them an investment, protect it!

-First things first, read your manual. That’s what its made for; your reading pleasure. And to make sure you know exactly how to use them.

-Don’t over-charge your batteries. The only exception here is the very first time, in that case you want to charge them over full capacity. In every other case, charging after you’ve hit 100% can damage the batteries and affect their lifespan.

-Get yourself more than one battery. If you purchase a starter kit, you will have a minimum of two. Rotating them is ideal for making them both last as long as possible because you are not relying on only one for constant use. It also enables you to have one in use while the other is charging.

-Exposure to sun is not good. Just like your cell phone and most other electronic devices, direct sunlight can have catastrophic results.

-Same rule applies to exposure to water. It just doesn’t work well with electronics. It can kill your e-cig battery forever.

-Keep it clean. Wiping all parts with a soft, clean cloth, especially in areas where the cartridge connects to the battery and along the mouthpiece can keep the performance running at optimal levels for the life of the device.

-Disconnect the cartridge when not in use. While it may not be in use and running, having the cartridge connected to the battery causes a continuous drain on the battery. Protect that battery and you’ll make it go a great distance.

-When using e-liquids with your vaporizers, as tempting as it is, don’t overfill your tank. This can cause unfortunate leaking and result in your sweet, powerful vaporizer malfunctioning.

Preventative medicine is the best medicine, especially when we’re talking about electronic cigarette troubleshooting. Take care of your goodies, and they’ll be producing clouds of vapor, tasting sweet, and giving you hours of vaping pleasure!

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