Gift Guide 2014: What to Get the Guys ‘n Gals!

Ok, so you’re finishing up your holiday shopping and you’re stumped on what the vapers you know and love should be gifted. Here are our suggestions on what to get the guys and gals on your list, with respect to the current date being 10 days out from Christmas! Time to tidy up the last bits on your shopping list! Happy shopping, and happy holidays!

For the Guys:

Guys tend to love tech-type gifts, and obviously electronic cigarettes are right up that alley. However, for the dudes you know who vape, go for the high-tech must haves such as:

  • The South Beach Smoke Storm
  • The South Beach Smoke Thunder
  • The South Beach Smoke Air

If you want to give gifts to the guy who is a current South Beach Smoke user:

  • A few bottles of e-liquid; who can ever have enough?
  • A few sets of cartridges. Like e-liquid, who ever has enough of these?
  • Versatile e-cig accessories, such as the Clear Tank, the VaporFlo Tank, Universal adapters, and extra batteries in their preferred models; extras are priceless!

For the Gals:

Ladies love luxury. When shopping for most women out there, a simple formula that generally works is aiming for top quality products that are versatile and fill a need. Lucky for you, anything from South Beach Smoke fits that bill! Here’s what to get the gals who vape, or are considering adding vapor cigarettes to their life:

  • The South Beach Smoke Curve
  • The South Beach Smoke Air
  • The South Beach Smoke Storm

Gifts for the gal who is currently a South Beach Smoker:

  • Cartridge packs in her fave flavor.
  • E-liquids in her fave flavors, or have some custom blended for her in flavors you know she’d dig.
  • Accessories like storage cases, the PCC, extra vape batteries, extra tanks, and perhaps a PowerCig, if she’s into heavy duty vaping while hanging out at home.

When it comes to smokers and vapers, there is no place like SBS to do your holiday shopping! We’ve got the goods, and basically everything to please every vaper, regardless of their style. Get them what they really want this year: vapor!