Going Green? Go with E-Cigs

Smoking cigarettes is not a “green” habit whatsoever. It’s probably one of the least eco-friendly things you could possibly do! Not healthy for you as an individual, not healthy for the environment. They fill your body with dangerous substances, depositing them into your lungs, exposing your body and blood stream to carcinogens, and leaving you at a much higher risk for things like numerous different cancers and diseases like vascular and heart disease. As for the environment, the mass pollution from cigarettes is a worldwide epidemic. Why take part in it if you have a choice otherwise?

There are so many reasons that electronic cigarettes are a more eco friendly choice. From better for you to better for the planet, they are a choice that can help you feel a lot better about using them for your nicotine. One of the best reasons to use alternative cigarettes are the benefits they have in offering a healthier and more environmentally conscious way, in addition to adding much convenience to your life, they are just better.

Compared to tobacco, just by switching to e-cigs you eliminate your exposure to tar and smoke. Carbon monoxide, carcinogens, and the thousands of other chemicals that are contained within cigarettes and their filters are instantly no longer something you need to take into account when you vape. While e-cigarettes are not exactly made of “sustainable” materials or “organic” ingredients (organic nicotine does not exist, not yet at least!) they are not pollutants. How e-cigarettes work is remarkable yet simple. With just water vapor being released, what you breathe in and what gets released into the air is simply clean, pure, and entirely safe. So safe in fact, you can feel comfortable and not a threat to the nonsmokers around you! Imagine, a cigarette you can feel comfortable with, without increasing your carbon footprint! There’s no tobacco that can do that!

No one will ever say that quitting cigarettes and jumping for electronics is going to be easy, but you will feel better if you do. It’s a choice that will allow you to live a healthier lifestyle and feel better about your decision to go the safer, more environmentally friendly way!