Happy Daylight Savings Time!

This week kicked off the return of Daylight Savings Time, and we say bring on the longer days! With more time in a day to enjoy vaping, here are some awesome ways to celebrate the extended amounts of daylight and we highly encourage you to do so with your e-cigs!

Concerts & Festivals: Festival season has officially been kicked off with SXSW happening at this very moment. Electronic cigarettes are hot accessories at festivals, and SXSW even features a vaping tent! We are all for responsible e-cigarette use, and it’s great to know when you are enjoying the festivities with thousands of other people, you won’t be offending anyone with cigarette smoke. Concerts and festivals are tons of fun, and definitely more so when you’ve got your vapor!

Outdoorsy Pursuits: Longer days and springtime weather mean it’s time to end the cabin fever and get outdoors. Wherever you may live, there are things to do outside, whether it’s taking long bike rides, hitting your local parks, the beach, or enjoying your local environment, take your e-cigs with you!

Travel: Nicer weather and longer days can make for great travel conditions. If you’re going to be traveling, the present time is perfect! Tobacco cigarettes make lame travel partners; enjoy the journey as much as the destination by using electronic.

Hanging Out with Friends: Parties happen, and longer days can make for great scenes. Social settings and getting together in groups of people can be uncomfortable if you’re puffing away on your cigarettes; for others if they have an aversion to the smoke, and yourself if you’re self conscious about annoying people. Why not keep everyone pleased with scentless, smokeless vapor cigs? You get the nicotine you crave, and no one gets offended!

Daylight Savings Time is one of the best parts of winter coming to an end. Longer days give us more time to pursue fun, and it’s always better when vaping! So grab your e-cigarettes Here’s to the next 8 months of daylight!