Happy Easter From South Beach Smoke!

E-Liquids for EasterWhatever your stance on Easter is, whether you celebrate or not, care or not, are religious or not, it’s a holiday good for one thing especially, particularly after we pass the age of caring about egg hunts and the Easter Bunny… and that’s Easter candy! In that regard, here are our top picks for Easter-candy inspired e-liquids, so you can get your happy bunny/ spring frolic/ Easter vibe on!

Marshmallow: Nothing says Easter candy quite like biting the heads off marshmallowy, technicolor candy duckies, right? Vape this marshmallow-infused flavor for a similar thrill, minus the toothache (and quasi-violence)!

Smooth Chocolate: Cream-filled milk chocolate eggs, anyone? This flavor captures the essence of those timeless classic treats that come around only in the spring! The ultimate taste of Easter, here’s the guilt-free version!

Yummy Gummy: The perfection of juicy candies, bursting with sweetness and the delicious fruity flavor no one ever gets enough! This iconic taste of pure candy will curb your temptations of stealing all the candy from the little kiddies! Leave the candy to them; you’ve got the vapor version!

Melon Candy: Sweet, tart, fruity, juicy, and cotton candy – goodness. This one may be even better than any Easter candy I remember from back in the day!

Bango Smoothie: This flavor is a mouthful of candy yumminess! It’s got marshmallow for some airy sweetness, paired with tropical fruit for a Jolly Rancher-like blast; it culminates in deliciousness!

Red Hot Cinnamon: Because why let the sweet candies have all the attention? Spicy has it’s perks too, and once you pop one of these babies in your mouth, you won’t be able to stop! Some like it hot, and we’re taking care of ya!

So, Happy Easter, from your friends here at South Beach Smoke! May your day be filled with blessings, may your candy game be strong (if you’re vaping some fab flavors) and may you have yourself a merry old time whatever you’ve got going on!