Happy Memorial Day Weekend From SBS!

Hitting the beach this weekend for some fun in the sun? Here are our takes on the best beach-inspired flavors!

Mango Menthol Razz: Refreshing and fruity, with a strong essence of candy and a wild rush of flavor, this is like a tropical smoothie with a menthol chill! It’ll pick up your mood and chill you out at once; perfect for some relaxation under the sun!

POM Passion: Fruity, tangy and lots of juicy, clean flavor in this one! The perfect complement to a day spent with friends, cooking up on the grill, and enjoying some sparkling cocktails!

Peach Freeze: This peachy cool blend will load you up on flavor but keep things nice and chill, perfect for any outdoor adventures you’ve got planned!

Cuba Libre: This is what liberation tastes like! Sweet and cool with a splash of lime; drink (vape) up!

Key Lime Cheesecake: Whether you’re among the many thousands hitting the Florida Keys this weekend or not, savor the flavor like you are without the traffic jam!

Pear Cosmopolitan: Sophisticated and quite a clean taste, there is no better flavor to relax to than this cosmo made with pear, lemon zest and menthol.

Tobacco Mint: For those who like their tobacco strong and enhanced just a little, this flavor will take care of you, while offering a nice little tingle!

Vape these on a beach, or at a pool, or a barbeque, or someplace fun, relaxing, and for maximum enjoyment because it is Memorial Day Weekend! We suggest you pay a moment of gratitude for those who fought to make this country the amazing land that it is! Like the saying goes, “freedom isn’t free” and we agree! So make the most of your freedom, celebrating your ability to live freely, and thank those who sacrificed to make it happen. The best way to pay homage? Celebrating by living it up, partying hard, and living in the moment because you have the freedom to do so!