Happy National Cat Day!

Vaping and having a cat; two things that may apply to you, and generally have nothing to do with one another. However, in honor of National Cat Day, which is today, we thought we’d talk about how awesome it is to be a vaper when you have a kitty. Purrfect, right? So, here are 10 reasons why life is better when you’re a vaper, instead of a smoker, if you have a pet.

  1. If you’re prone to staying home and just chilling with your cat, vaping is much friendlier when used indoors than smoke.

  2. Your cat may not mind the mild aroma of vapor, but probably detested the funk of smoke.

  3. Clean air is better for everyone who breathes in oxygen. Meow.

  4. Kitty deserves a cleaner, less filthy home without indoor air pollution, or tar covering everything.

  5. Cats and dogs’ lungs are remarkably similar to our own, and they bear the effects of secondhand smoke just like us, so tobacco smoke can actually be highly dangerous to them. Hiss.

  6. Vapor dissipates practically instantly, within seconds of exhaling so nothing will be lingering in the air afterwards.

  7. Tobacco tar sticks to everything it comes into contact with, including skin and hair; yours or your pets. They also lick themselves clean. Think about that. 🙁

  8. No chemicals to share with vapor, unlike with tobacco.

  9. The amount of nicotine left behind by e-cigarettes is dramatically less than tobacco cigarettes, and this is something to consider because being exposed to large amounts of nicotine can be dangerous to your furry friends.

  10. Netflix and chill with a vape and a cat on your lap is the definition of heaven.

So, happy National Cat Day! If you have a kitty, enjoy their companionship knowing you’ve made the right choice in vaping, instead of smoking. If you haven’t yet #madetheswitch, here’s another perfectly valid, perfectly appropriate reason to kick the smoke in favor of vapor; your fur-baby deserves it!