Happy New Year! Celebrate With a One Day Sale!!!

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re pretty excited about the start of 2013! A new year, a new slate, and we’re pretty optimistic about doing what we do best; giving people a great reason to stop smoking and start using vapor cigs!

Lots and lots of people use the new year to make a resolution to quit smoking, it’s always a popular one, and always a meaningful one. The desire to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes is so great that millions of people set their hopes towards it, even if it feels impossible. However, it isn’t impossible at all. And our products have helped many thousands of pople drop the cancer sticks for a healthier option. So with that in mind, and to celebrate the first day of what we hope will be ana amazing new year, we are having a sale! Today only, we are offering EVERYTHING on our website at a whopping 40% off! So if your resolution is to switch to e-cigarettes this year, you’ll have it achieved in no time, and you’ll get to start off with great savings!

This is a great day to take advantage of big savings, and you may even want to stock up on lots of essentials; got any friends or family members looking to make the switch too? Batteries, e-cig accessories like our chargers, our incredible PCC, cases and lanyards are part of this sale; literally everything in our catalog is reduced big time, just for today!

There are lots of ways e-cigs can come into play to help you out with resolutions. Want to save more time? Save more money? Have just more convenience in your daily life? E-cigs can do all of this and more.

Perhaps you want to do more than just quit smoking this year. Perhaps you want to quit, and go green with your smoking, and choose a more environmentally way to have nicotine. Having a reusable option like electronic cigarettes are excellent in this case as well.So, happy new year, and let the smoke free savings begin!