Happy New Year from South Beach Smoke!

Happy New Year, everyone! Nothing like starting out a fresh, new year, right? We know we are beyond excited for all that 2015 is going to bring! 2014 was great, we saw so many positive things come to fruition, both for South Beach Smoke, and the world of vaping, but we are thrilled for what lies ahead. So, in that vein of positivity, here are some things we suggest to kick 2015 off right! Let this be a new year of trying new things, focusing in on the positives, and enjoying the vape life to the max!

-Try new flavors. We’ve got some 30,000 different options plus our range of cartridges. Try something different, your mind may be blown!

-Try new products. Vape pens, vape accessories, a PowerCig? Experimenting keeps things exciting and fresh! Go for it!

-Learn some vape tricks. Because, why not? Vaping is fun, tricks are fun; combined they make life more interesting.

-Experiment with different nicotine levels. Especially if you’ve been wanting to decrease your nicotine intake, now is a great time to embark on something that benefits you. Vaping allots you plenty of control over your usage, take advantage of it!

-Check out a new vape shop. Extra points if you are heading to a VaporFi location, as it’s our sister brand!

-Take a vacation. Or a staycation. Either way, make sure your getaway is a vape-cation!

-Make sure you’re capitalizing on of all the little ways we offer to save money and get the most for what you spend with us! SoBe Rewards, Refer-a-Friend, Home Delivery Program; get it all and watch how your experience gets even better!

So, ready for the year ahead? Ready to make this year the best yet? We agree! Try something new, enjoy the things you love even more, and spend some time getting creative! Vape on, my friends! Cheers to a prosperous 2015!