Happy St. Patty’s Day from South Beach Smoke!

Happy St. Patty’s Day, from all of your friends here at South Beach Smoke! One of the most fun holidays of the year, there is nothing wrong with getting your party on, Irish-style! St. Patrick may have earned his claim to fame, and annual raucous party day for bringing Christianity to Ireland, but the holiday is more known for light-hearted mayhem! So, in honor of the greenest day of the year, here are the top 10 ways to celebrate! Slainte!

  1. Wear green. Duh. Green bow tie, green hair, green shirt, green thong, or green body paint; you wouldn’t want to get pinched, would you?

  2. Get your fine self a green vaporizer to tote around; accessories count as wearable.

  3. Vape with our March Blend of the Month, Irish Coffee. It’s delicious decadence, and very much in the spirit of the day.

  4. Hit up a parade. Marching, dancing, and being all cheery are

  5. Eat some Irish grub. Designated Irish fare includes the customary corned beef and cabbage (if you’re the Irish-American sort), plus the almighty, iconic potato (remember the Famine?), lamb stew, and the classic Shepherd’s pie. Hungry yet?

  6. Blare some Celtic music. It’s the quickest way to get in the spirit.

  7. Traditional celebrations are the bomb, whether you’re in Chicago, Boston, Miami, or are celebrating in your local city. Honoring the nation’s Irish roots is pretty common just about everywhere, so get involved!

  8. Pub crawl. Whether it’s a formally organized shindig or you and your buddies get together for some green-tinted debauchery, hitting the pubs and bars is rather tradition. Most bars and pubs go all out for this holiday, as most people aim to have a pint or two in celebration.

  9. Throw a party. Yes, pubs and bars and block parties are a mainstay, but sometimes it’s cool to keep it kinda low key. Rounds of Irish whiskey from your living room, with good friends, good food, and an intimate scene is never a bad thing!

  1. Get ready for massive recovering tomorrow, especially if you’ve got to make it to work in the AM! Necessity #1: Your vape. With a soothing blend, such as our Irish Coffee to make it all better!