Heading Back to College? Pack Those E-Cigs!

Officially in the month of August, the time has come to start thinking about heading back to school, well if you are in college! If you are, and you are also a smoker, have you though about not including tobacco in your back-to-school gear? There are tons of reasons electronic cigs are the better alternative, but especially if you are a young, vibrant college kid who has their whole life ahead of them. Here are some reasons why going smokeless is a very logical decision to consider:

-Initiatives agianst teen smoking are making entirely uncool for youngsters to smoke, including those who are above the legal age limit. Often paid for by the tobacco industry, you’ve got the big boys themselves telling you not get involved with tobacco!  And they are right, because tobacco is dangerous and certainly uncool.

-These days, more and more colleges are adopting campus wide “no smoking” regulations that extend not just within the common areas, but stretching across the entire college property. This means dorms, sidewalks, patios, hallways, and even parking lots are off limits. And yes, this means you cannot smoke in your car as well.

-Cigarettes are too expensive for notoriously broke college kids anyway, save yourself some cash and go with e-cigs. Between all the expenses that come with college, the dreaded student loans, and often not having a job, there are way more important things to be spending your money on; like food! Even heavy e-smokers report savings of up to 50% monthly.

Being tobacco free will save your health in so many ways, so you’ll be a better student without smoke. Cigarettes create endless problems for smokers, and can wreak havoc on your immune system. So, instead of missing class and the social scene, you’ll have more energy and health to do things that really matter.

If you are just leaving home for the first and are a smoker, your parents will have one less burden to worry about! They’ll be happy for all of the reasons stated above, but most of all because you are their baby! No parent is ever happy when their kid smokes, so yourself and them a favor and get an e-cigarette starter kit! College will definitely be better because of it!