Vapes at Music Festivals Guide

South Beach Smoke Vapes at Music Festivals GuideAre you one of the millions of Americans who will be partying it up this summer at Music Festivals? Coachella and SunFest just passed, but the season is going to be ripe for the pickings. With Hangout Fest and the River’s Edge Music Festival right around the corner, Outside Lands happening in August, and Austin City Limits Music Festival in October, regardless of where in the country you are, there is great music to be enjoyed outdoors! If you smoke e-cigs, you will happily be able to enjoy your outdoor music fun without any worry!

If at first thought, you were thinking that it may be a hassle to have them with you, and maybe just for the day that regular cigarettes might be easier… fret none! E-cigs can do everything cigarettes can, without the gross negatives. Even being out in the heat, with the possibility of mud, lots of sweaty people, good old fashioned raucous and the unavoidable second hand smoke from less enlightened smokers (as in, cigarette smokers), electronic cigarettes can do wonders without causing a burden.

Accessories are the key, and they really are the trick to making things versatile. Even being at a festival all day, or for days at a time, e-cigarettes can last perfectly through it all with the right accessories.

The Universal Lanyard: Your e-cig was meant to be held on it. Simple, easy to carry, and always handy, it allows for hands-free security, and leaves your hands free for dancing and cheering.

The Personal Carrying Case: The one accessory you should never be without, no matter what! If you are going to be out all day long, far away from a power source, and just want to be free to enjoy your e-smokes at your leisure, make sure you have this! This case serves a multitude of purposes, and really performs on demand. It is a case that holds your batteries, and charges them while it does so! Therefore, all day long, you have got a handy compact case that can fit in your back pocket, safely hold your e-cigarettes, and keeping them ready to go. It does not get better than that!

Cartridges: Its a good idea to keep a few extra cartridges on you, even if you are a light smoker. You just never know what may come up, and it’s always smart to prepare yourself ahead of time. With the Personal Charging Case, you have the ability to store up to six extra cartridges, so you are totally set!