How Awesome Are E-Cigs? Here’s a Quick List!

So by now, you’ve got to know all about e-cigs. What they do, why people love what they do, and why more and more smokers are choosing to go after vapor and ditch the smoke. And as awesome as these products are, here is a list of all the reasons they make smoking so much more enjoyable sans smoke.

-Lower Cost: E-cigs can save you so much money. Think thousands of dollars every year. It’s money you’ll notice you’re saving on a weekly basis.

-No Tar: Tobacco tar is just atrocious. It accumulates upon everything it comes into contact with. Your teeth, the walls in your home, your lungs… and it’s loaded with toxic components.

-No Smell: Cigarettes smell nasty, and they make you smell even worse. E-cigarettes are like a breath of fresh, clean air, with no smell at all.

-Easy to Use Everywhere: E-cigarettes are loved for their ultra-portable handiness. They can be used undetected in countless places, and their sleek design enables stealthy vaping anytime you need it.

-More Fun: Hey, it counts! E-cigarettes are undoubtedly fun to use! Big vapor, cloud chasing, no smell, great flavors equals a good time!

-Stylish: Style points all the time! Electronic cigarettes are loved for their modern looks and fashionable design. Vapor smoking should not have to look lame like traditional smoking!

-Cleaner Conscience: Tobacco is a nightmare; e-cigs allow you to escape the stigmas by going smoke and tobacco-free. You will totally feel better knowing you aren’t filling your lungs with tar, smoking tobacco laced with chemicals, or breathing in smoke.

-More Environmentally Friendly: By avoiding tobacco cigarettes, you are standing up to the environmental harm they cause. Cigarette butts are the single most polluted item in the world; why contribute to the butts that end up out there in the natural world? Choosing e-cigs means you are choosing a reusable product that creates less waste.

-More Convenient: Who doesn’t need more convenience in their lives? E-cigarettes offer just that, and then some! We’re all looking for more efficiency, and by switching to vapor, you get a whole lot of it.

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