Saving money: it’s on everyone’s agenda. Most people budget themselves accordingly and are always trying to maximize their money to make it work for them and to allow for things like savings and leisure. We all know how expensive cigarettes are, and what smoker doesn’t want to save in that regard? This is one reason many smokers have switched to the electronic side, and haven’t looked back.

The ways e-cigarettes can save you money are plentiful. They can be direct and indirect; have ever considered all the ways smoking leads to spending money?

Cigarettes are pricey; at a minimum of $6 per pack, and in upwards of $12 in major cities, if you are smoking a pack a day, or more, you probably feel the weight of that expense! Habits and spending vary from person to person, but e-cigarettes really can help you save. The one really great aspect is that if you purchase a well-rounded starter kit when you start, you most likely won’t be spending more money on additional equipment unless you more accessories. A couple of batteries, and a few chargers go a really long way. Cartridges cost a mere fraction of what cigarette packs cost, and being on our monthly Home Delivery Program saves you 20% on them, plus the convenience of not running out at the worst moment adds to the reasons, in addition to economical ones, as to why they are they perfect choice!

Indirect ways you spend money on your smoking habit can be forgotten as well. Think about all the little ways you have to rearrange your life to accommodate the smoke, and how it costs you money. Gas for when you have to make extra trips to the store when you unexpectedly run out of smokes. Perfume and cologne for the daily occasions of masking your eau-de-smoke aroma. Air refresher for your car; anyone smell something musty? Chewing gum to keep your breath minty. Extra trips to the dentist as well as sophisticated teeth bleaching procedures to ensure your smile has some semblance of “pearly”. Ash trays, lighters, and anything else that comes along to help you maintain your habit has a cost. These may seem small and inconspicuous, but they sure do add up!

Electronic cigarettes cut the cost of traditional cigarettes in several ways, and it shows. The average yearly savings for most people who smoke a pack a day and have switched completely comes out to around $1,600. It may not be an astronomical number, but it’s still enough to have some fun with! Whether it sits in your savings, starts yielding interest in your money market account, gets spent on home repairs, or perhaps on a sweet well-deserving vacation, whatever you do with it, it’s yours and well-earned!