How do e-cigs compare to tobacco smokes?

The chances are pretty good that you’ve seen people using electronic cigarettes. After all, vaping is most definitely here to stay, and e-cigs have become extraordinarily popular in recent years. However, even if you’ve experienced the rich, thick water-based vapor of South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes, maybe your friends have yet to try them. Well, how do you explain what vaping is like? How does using an electronic cigarette compare to tobacco? This holiday season, why not turn your friends onto vaping by taking your own “Pepsi” challenge with e-cigs?

Side by side
Although our e-cigarettes are designed to look like tobacco smokes, they couldn’t be more different. Despite their appearance, South Beach Smoke e-cigs are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment, and we designed them the way we did to make vaping as enjoyable and familiar as smoking traditional tobacco cigs.

So, when you’re comparing tobacco smokes with our e-cigs, consider the size and look. Pretty similar, right? Well, obviously the biggest difference between the two is the weight. Although the heft of an e-cig can be a little unusual at first, many of our most loyal customers come to actually prefer the weight of their e-cigarettes in time. After a while, tobacco smokes might even seem flimsy by comparison!

Taste test
OK, so what your friends probably want to know is how vaping feels. Well, for a fun game, why not blindfold them and then ask them to rate how the throat hit of tobacco and South Beach Smoke vapor compares? Of course, for the sake of fairness, you’ll have to use a tobacco-flavored e-cig cartridge, unless your friends are used to smoking flavored cigarettes like cloves. Ask them to take a puff from either the “real” cigarette or the e-cig (you’ll have to hold it, of course) and ask how the two shape up against one another.

Sure, the hard “filter” of our e-cig atomizers will probably give it away, but in a blind test like this, your friends could be surprised by how similar the sensation of vaping is to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. If they like the taste and feel of our electronic cigarettes – and we’re confident they will – you could always give them disposable electronic cigarettes as a holiday gift, or go through our referral program for big savings!