So, How Do You Pick an E-Liquid Flavor?

Ah, the world of e-liquids. They are plenty and many, and there are a ton of good ones, but how do you go about picking a flavor when you’re just starting out? Here’s a breakdown of what to look for when you’re aiming to try that very first flavor. It’s daunting, but soon enough, you’ll be enjoying the many offerings out there, perfectly suited to your individual palate!

What Do You Like?

Think about flavors you like. I know, it can be crazy imagining going after one in a sea of thousands, but what do you enjoy the flavor of? Cotton candy? Apples? Tobacco? Custard? Menthol? Amaretto? You’ve got lots of options out there, so really put some thought into this. Chances are, if you like it, there will be a flavor for it.

Don’t Pick Just One

We know, it’s your first go, you may not want to drop the cash on more than one bottle of juice because what if you don’t like it? But, there are a lot of flavors out there, and there’s no telling that you’ll like your first choice. So you give yourself the option of a second choice and that will enable you a little more variety before ruling out that you just don’t like vaping in the event one flavor doesn’t do it for you. And if you’re up for it, choose a few flavors; you can’t go wrong with lots of variety.


Try things that are a little out there; we offer many, many liquids, and with the inclusion of custom blends, you have the ability to play around and really get a chance to experience different flavors. How do you know you won’t like a tobacco and vanilla blend? Or a Cuban mojito? There is a world of flavor awaiting you, and it’s one of the nicest things about being able to choose between vapor and smoking.

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