Choosing the proper nicotine strength for yourself when using our e-cigarettes can be tricky at first. However, if you know what you’re in for, and how to decipher our levels, it won’t take you much time at all to figure it. These cartridges are designed to work for smokers, after all, it’s what they’re used to!

For those who are just starting out, it may not be the wisest decision to go nicotine free right from the start. But above all, you know your body best of all, and if that’s what you want to do, go for it! If you are a heavy smoker, and are used to stronger, non-filtered cigarettes, our “Full Flavored” cartridges at 16mg would be best for you. One common mistake for those who are new to South Beach Smoke is to assume that our strongest e-cig cartridges won’t match up to other brands. We are well aware that there are those who are selling strengths as high as 24mg, but you have to factor in their vapor. If you need the cartridge that strong, most likely the vapor isn’t doing a great job delivering it.

If you are one who smokes traditional “Lite Cigarettes” go for our “Light.” 12mg of nicotine pleasure, these are extremely popular!

Just like traditional “Ultra Lites” our 6mg cartridges are perfectly “Ultra Lite.” They provide just enough nicotine to feel it, experience it, and enjoy it without going overboard. This is the right level for those who are transitioning from nicotine to smoke free, and craving just a little of that calming pleasure.

Having four different nicotine strengths is pretty important to us. Not everyone wants the same thing, or is satisfied by the same levels, so having cartridges that will appeal to a wide range of customers is only fair. Also, many vapor cigarette smokers begin with a stronger cartridge, and in time begin to reduce the amount of puffs they take and drop their cartridge to a lower level. This is why we offer 0mg nicotine cartridges, because there are those who are at a point where they are wanting only to enjoy the essence and feeling of vaping without the nicotine.