How does vaping work?

If you’ve tried the range of e-cigarette flavors from, you already know that e-cigs taste great and offer you all the satisfaction of a traditional tobacco cigarette without the hassle. However, some smokers are skeptical of vaping, as they don’t understand how vapor could possibly be as satisfying as a “real” smoke. Even some smokers who’ve already made the switch to electronic cigarettes don’t know precisely how they work. Let’s look at the science behind the satisfaction:

American ingenuity’s range of e-cigs provide you with the sensation of a traditional tobacco cigarette without the smoke – but how? The answer lies in the vaporization of an organic compound known as propylene glycol. Our flavor cartridges contain this substance, which also contains nicotine and food-grade flavoring.

When you take a draw on your e-cig, the device’s sensor detects the movement of air in the e-cig’s main chamber, causing the LED light at the tip to glow, just like a traditional cigarette does. The propylene glycol in the e-cigarette’s flavor cartridge is then heated, without combustion, to vaporize the substance. This water-based vapor is what you inhale when you drag on an e-cig. The combination of the nicotine and the density of the vapor provides you with the same “throat hit” sensation as puffing on a tobacco cigarette.

Cool, satisfying flavors
Now that you know how e-cigarettes work, all that’s left to do is try one for yourself. If you’re a heavy smoker (one pack per day or more), be sure to choose an e-cig starter kit that contains stronger nicotine cartridges.

Of course, not everyone wants to jump in at the deep end, which is why offers reusable express kits. Packaged in a box designed to look and feel like a pack of traditional cigarettes, the reusable express kit comes with one SuperMax battery for improved longevity, one USB charger and two nicotine cartridges and atomizers. Each cartridge equals 1.5 packs of tobacco smokes, so this starter kit is ideal for smokers who want to take our e-cigs for a test-drive.

Vaping is here to stay, and with more Americans switching to e-cigarettes than ever before, there’s never been a better time to try them for yourself. Browse our extensive range of starter kits today and join the flavor revolution that’s sweeping the nation.