Between tax increases and economic inflation, the cost of a pack of traditional cigarettes is getting higher and higher. E-cigarettes offer a way for you to avoid blowing your paycheck on smokes, as the price you pay up front is a fraction of what you'd pay over the course of time going to the store to pick up a pack of tobacco cigarettes.  It also cuts down on the amount of trash you produce, making switching the "green" thing to do.

The American Lung Association reports that the average cost for a pack of cigarettes is about $5.15, but that number is much higher in cities like New York, where a pack goes for upwards of $10. Conversely e-cigarettes average out to under $2 for the equivalent smoking ability of one pack of traditional cigarettes. The more you order from South Beach Smoke at once, the more you'll save. It might seem expensive at first, since you pay for a large amount of cartridges at once, but the 45-pack of classic flavor from South Beach Smoke costs $99. Given that one cartridge is about the same as a pack and a half to two packs, that's the same as buying about 80 packs of cigarettes. At $5.15 per pack, that comes to $412 – and that's based on the average price. A New York City smoker is looking at a bill of near $800! 

The electronic variation still contains nicotine, but it produces far less waste. One cartridge is the equivalent of about two packs of cigarettes, so you're only throwing away one "butt" as opposed to 40. If you smoke a pack a day, that's 280 cigarette butts that will wind up in landfills, and that's not even taking into account the packaging. With e-cigarettes, you'd have thrown away at most four or five cartridges by the end of a week, with minimal packaging waste. You can order your e-cig cartridges in bulk from South Beach Smoke, which means one box for up to 45 cartridges rather than as many as 90 boxes for the equivalent amount of traditional cigarettes.