Vape Pens are Eco Friendly

South Beach Smoke Vape Pens are Eco FriendlyTobacco cigarettes are toxic for more than just the body; they are toxic for the environment as well. Switching to electric cigarettes is often done because smokers are concerned with their personal, overall wellbeing, however in doing so, they are also contributing to lessening pollution as well.

Cigarettes are among the least “green” products available. They encourage mass consumption, they are the product of an industry that seeks profit above everything (including life), they are made with deadly additives, and they are known to cause deadly diseases. We only have one planet, and we all have to do our part to protect it; cigarettes are nothing but negative!

Did you know that tobacco cigarettes contribute more pollution than any other source, both in the US and throughout the world? Cigarette butts, empty cigarette boxes, and old lighters are just too easy for smokers to toss to the ground when they are through with them. And the problem isn’t just the butts being thrown on the ground; they take many years to fully decompose, and in the process, all those disgusting chemicals that get layered in during manufacturing, slowly leak into the environment. As this happens, they create another pollution issue, as they contaminate ground water, soil, and the water that runs off into rivers, lakes, streams, and the oceans. Affecting many ecosystems, as well as wildlife. Cigarettes are not pretty, and they are a global issue.

Smokers need to know cigarettes are not the only option! E-cigs are not just a smart alternative to tobacco for the human body, they are healthier for the planet because they are recyclable and they are reusable, which cuts down on the impact of cigarettes consistently being used and tossed. Even choosing disposable e-smokes is smarter because they get used continuously, equating to about 2 packs of cigarettes each (40 cigarettes) before being disposed. And if you are a smoker, and are not opting for e-cigarettes, please just do your part to make sure your butts, cigarette packages, and expired lighters make it into a trash can, and not the ground!