How to Answer Vape-Related Questions!

Here are some of the interesting things you’re probably going to get asked as a vaper… And how to answer them! Because humans are a curious species, and when you stand out like a maverick, using something as clever as e-cigarettes, others are going to take notice. Be prepared; you’ll look extra smart!

1. Where can I smoke e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are sometimes regarded in the same manner as traditional cigarettes, and sometimes not. Many times, you can use them just about everywhere with no problems in public. Other times, you will be treated exactly like a typical smoker, and have to keep your e-smoking to designated areas. The easiest answer, however: if you’re not sure, ask.

2. Do you save money when vaping?

Yes, for the most part. Typically, vapers save thousands of dollars over the cost of traditional cigarette usage, however some vapers find themselves spending more money on cool products just for the hobby aspect of it. Can’t deny it, vaping is cool and purposeful!

3. Do you really know what’s in the vapor?

Yes, as long as you use a brand who keeps things transparent, and makes it known what goes into their liquid. If you’re unsure about brands, go after a reputable one and scope out their website to see what kinds of info they’re disclosing.

4. Are they healthier than regular smoking?

We aren’t in a position to say, and there is no scientific information to say yes or no on this matter. But what we do advocate is knowledge and using your own critical thinking on it; no tobacco is a very good thing.

5. Why did you switch?

This one’s personal! So, why did you switch? Was it to save money? Look cooler? Get away from tobacco? Got sick of the smoke? Get candid!

6. Are they safer?

It depends on the context. There is no fire, so yes on that note. No tobacco, so you can use your own judgment on that. No tar, and that’s a plus!

7. What device should I get?

Um, well… for the sake of this article, we’ll totally say anything by South Beach Smoke, but in actuality, it comes down to what you want from an alternative cigarette device. You have so many options! Super simple: go with a basic e-cig. More advanced: go for a personal vaporizer. Very advanced: you may want to research MODS. Bonus points if your preferred device is from South Beach Smoke, though, because our quality can’t be beat!

8. Where is the best place to get an e-cigarette?

Again, as far as we’re concerned, South Beach Smoke is the ultimate place/ website to get e-cigarettes, however your options are far from limited.

9. Any advice for a novice/ newbie/ smoker who wants to get into vaping?

Experiment, explore, and do a ton of research. Vaping is best done, and most successful when users understand and know as much as possible.

Hey, vaping is awesome, and if you’re doing it amongst the masses, you’re probably going to get asked questions. Aren’t you glad we prepped you for the Q&A?