How to care for your electronic cigarette

So, you’ve decided to ditch traditional tobacco and join the e-cigarette revolution. You’ve received your Deluxe Starter Kit in the mail, and are already experiencing the joy of vaping. Although it’s easy to forget about maintaining your electronic cigarette, taking care of this device isn’t much different to how you’d care for any other electronic gadget. Follow these simple tips to ensure your e-cigs deliver the perfect hit of smooth, satisfying vapor every time:

Storage guidelines
Although e-cigarettes give you the freedom to vape virtually anywhere, it’s important to take care of your electronic cigarette, even when you’re not using it. That means keeping it dry. For example, don’t leave it lying around your bathroom when you take a shower, as the airborne moisture could cause damage to the sensitive electrical components inside your e-cig’s casing.

Similarly, don’t expose your electronic cigarette to extreme temperatures, such as the inside of a car on a hot summer’s day. High temperatures can also damage the internal mechanisms of your e-cig, so keep it with you whenever you can or ensure that you store it appropriately.

Cleaning connections
One of the reasons that South Beach Smoke‘s range of e-cigs are so popular is that they taste great. Our nicotine juice is made right here in the U.S., so you can feel good about your decision and enjoy the best flavors on the market. However, over time, residual nicotine juice can accumulate near the connection between the battery and the atomizer. Every so often, clean this area with a dry, lint-free cloth to clear any buildup. You won’t have to do this very often, but it’s worth remembering from time to time.

Don’t overcharge the battery
Our SuperMAX batteries mean you can keep vaping for longer, but as with any lithium ion battery, leaving it connected to the charger for too long can cause damage to the sensitive internal workings of the battery itself. Rather than leave the battery charging for days at a time, be sure to disconnect the battery when it’s fully charged, then disconnect the charger.

Handle with care
It might sound obvious, but one of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your electronic cigarette is to be careful when handling it. Although our e-cigarettes are among the finest on the market, they’re not indestructible. Be careful not to drop them, and store them in a safe, secure place when not in use to prevent accidental damage.