How To: Carry That E-Cigarette

Vaping is perfect for people who are on the move and all over the place! Between college, work, and socializing, life can get hectic! While you don’t really have to deal with all the typical issues smokers have, such as a smoked out car, glaring looks from people in public, the odor that follows you, and friends not wanting to be exposed to the second hand smoke, you still need maximum mobility.

However, if you are on the go and using your e-cig, here are some tips to put into play on how to carry your device around with you. Consider it an investment; you’ve got to protect it. This will ensure its safety for the long haul and give you the maximum usage out of it! Yes, there are times when having it in your pocket will make the most sense, however we encourage you to keep those instances to a minimum. Pockets are known to harbor dirt, grime, and foreign particles that can all contribute to harming your device. They also do not offer much protection. You wouldn’t store your toothbrush in your pocket, would you? Here are our thoughts on storing your mod. Treat it right, and it will return the favor over and over again!

E-Cig Lanyard

If you need your hands to be free, and won’t be using a bag, purse, or storage case, a lanyard is your best bet. Having your e-cig around your neck gives you total mobility, total freedom, and the ease of no baggage while ensuring you’ve got your vapor when you need it. Big bonus is all you have to do to vape is bring it to your mouth!

E-Cigarette Storage Cases

Storage cases are total essentials, and we have vaporizer storage cases as well as e-cig storage cases. Do not have an arsenal of vape gear without one, particularly when using advanced vapes.  They are the best thing for making sure your stuff is always protected, and if you are going to be vaping outside of your home, you have the security of knowing where your gear is, and that it is protected and organized at all times.

So, carrying your vape pen, e-cigarette, and accessories doesn’t have to get complicated, however it’s a total necessity to do it right! Get yourself the right items and you never have to worry! Vape on!