How to Choose a Flavor

Feeling stumped by too many flavors? Let us help you get around that. Here is a little guide to choosing the ideal e-liquid flavor, whether you’re looking for the perfect single flavor to have and to hold forevermore, or you want a nice range of options in your personal arsenal to fall back on regularly.

Sweet: There are lots of sweet flavors to play with. And by “lots,” we mean thousands when you factor in blends. Candy sweet? Cake sweet? Java sweet? Fruity sweet? That doesn’t even scratch the surface! What kind of sweet do you like?  Chances are, we’ve got something to satisfy! Try Cotton Candy is you’re into candy, Strawberry for fruit, and Fancy Latte if you like it very flavorful and quite complex.

Fruit: Who doesn’t like fruit flavored e-liquids? We offer an endless array of fruits to choose from, and whether it’s syrupy sweet like strawberries, tart like lime, mild-tempered like cantaloupe, indulgent like coconut, or refreshing like watermelon; we’ve got all that and more! And when we start extending into the blends, oh my! Here’s a tip: Caribbean Escape is among the best!

Dessert: Among the most popular tastes out there, dessert is on everyone’s menu when it comes to vaping. And in this light, we offer literally A TON of different choices for dessert. Custard, cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries… We’re not even scratching the surface here!

Beverage: Sometimes you wanna drink yo drinks, sometimes you wanna vape ‘em. We offer tons of beverage inspired flavors, from milkshakes, to cocktails, to root beer, cola, tea, and coffee. Some of the world’s most amazing beverage flavors are available in South Beach Smoke e-liquid flavor form, and we totally suggest downing a few!

Sense-ational: Like your flavor to add a little zing? Menthols, mints, red hot cinnamon; all of these flavors take care of those cravings for flavors that do a little something extra. Menthol Freeze and Peppermint will take care of ya!

We offer a ton of flavors, make no mistake about it. If you can dream it, we can probably make it a reality. Sweet, savory, and just about everything in between; we offer endless variety, choices, and delicious flavors to keep your clouds ever so enjoyable. So, get busy experimenting! Hopefully, if you want the best e-liquids, this guide serves you well!