Options, options, options! When it comes to electronic cigarettes, there are endless options, and you may be wondering how to choose which kind you want. South Beach Smoke offers a well rounded selection, and if you are wondering which type will fit you best, read on! Hopefully you’ll get the details you need to make up your mind, or figure out which kinds will work for you at different moments; all three types may fit your style!

Batteries: Manual or Auto?

Our original SuperMax batteries are made to resemble traditional cigarettes. They look very similar, and have a very similar feel to them. They are portable, and require very little effort. Available in two sizes and two switch styles, Manual and Automatic, you get to decide whether you want to push a button while vaping (Manual) or have a battery that activates when you puff on it (Automatic). Manual batteries typically give a greater sense of control, however Automatics tend to last longer and are simpler to use.


Vaporizers, such as the South Beach Smoke Air have become very popular as of late, because e-cigarette users enjoy the greater performance capabilities and how many more options they have with these advanced devices. They look nothing like traditional cigarettes, tend to be larger, work with e-liquids for limitless flavor choices, and they have the ability to last a full day on a single charge.


Our line of e-cigarette disposables are made to be very similar to our original batteries, mimicking the look of traditional cigarettes. They are the simplest, easiest electronic cigarettes on the market and require entirely no effort from the user. In fact, they are even easier than traditional cigs! To use them, simply open the package and start vaping; no set up, no charging, no changing cartridges, filling liquids, or adjusting any parts involved. Each one lasts about the length of two packages of tobacco cigarettes, and when it is through, you toss it. The downside to these is that they are more costly than using reusable e-cigs, and they come in a very limited selection of flavors.

When it comes to vaping, you’ve got a great variety of choices, and with a little investigation, you can find the perfect model for your style of smoking! Whether you’re looking for the right one, or will try all three, we’re sure we’ve got something to fit you!