How to Choose the Right Nicotine Strength!

Choosing the right nicotine strength accounts for a lot of the experience. If you are just switching over from traditional cigarettes, you are going to want to go for something pretty similar to what you’re used to, for the most similar experience. That’s just a general rule of thumb, because there are those who are wanting to jump right into vaping with a lesser amount of nicotine than they’re used to.

South Beach Smoke carries five different levels of nicotine in our e-cigarette cartridges for customers to choose from. All of the E-juice in our cartridges is now made right here in the USA for greater quality and total freshness! Having this many options means that we are able to please even more customers, and offer our customers a great selection if they want one than one level.

So how do you choose the best one? Well, what kind of cigarettes do you smoke? The strengths are made to be comparable to traditional cigarettes, and follow a similar order. Starting from 0mg, nicotine-free, to Ultra Light 6mg, Light 12mg, Full Flavored 16mg, and the newest, Bold at 24mg, we really offer something for every type of smoker! Our newest addition to our selection are the 24mg cartridges, and there are not many brands in the e-cigarette market carrying them. They are perfect for very heavy smokers, and will allow them to have the same delicious flavors, and intense nicotine experience they are accustomed to. This allows them to switch to vapor cigarettes, and not feel like they have to vape excessively to feel good. 16mg cartridges compare to the nicotine strength in full strength tobacco cigarettes, while the 12mg lights compare very well to standard cigarette lights, and the same goes for the 6mg ultra lights. Why would anyone want to smoke with 0 nicotine cartridges? Because they are perfect for smokers who simply want the feeling of the cigarette. For some people, a huge part of the cigarette habit goes back to actually smoking, not just the feeling and cravings for nicotine. The habit of doing it, puffing on it, savoring the flavor, inhaling and exhaling is even harder to break, and being able to use electronic cigs to recreate it, without the dangers of smoke, or the habit of nicotine gives a greater sense of freedom.