Controlling E Cig Usage

South Beach Smoke Controlling E Cig UsageVaping can be very enjoyable. Sometimes too enjoyable! Can you imagine that there are e-smokers who say that when they started vaping, they ended up using them more than they did with cigarettes because they are just so good? They taste great, make you feel great, and if you are just going along on your merry way, enjoying your e-cig and waiting for it to burn out like a cigarette… well it just isn’t going to happen! We know how good our e-cigs are, and we totally understand how enjoyable they are. And every smoker knows how amazing nicotine feels. So instead of setting yourself up for trouble down the road,  here are a few tips to keep track of your vaping to keep the pleasure under control!

With so many reasons to switch to e-smokes, it goes as no surprise that millions of people are using them with great success. Not having smoking bans to restrict your usage in public and indoors, e-smokes are easy to enjoy just about everywhere. This is another reason they are just so wonderful to use, and can encourage using them even more. You have to pay a little more attention, because along with more benefits comes more responsibility.

Give yourself a limit like 4 or 5 puffs, max. I know, limits are no fun when you’re enjoying yourself, but it will give something to look forward to later on. Another option could be something like limiting yourself to one cartridge a day. You don’t want to go beyond your comfort level with anything, but a little moderation never hurt anyone.

Think about the savings. If you are like most people, you switched to e-cigarettes in part because they cost dramatically less than tobacco cigarettes. Don’t sabotage your own efforts, because heavy vaping can get expensive too!

Switch up your flavors. For instance, if you are completely crazy about using menthol e-cigarette cartridges, and seem to vape even more with those, don’t use menthols exclusively. Add peppermint, peach, or cherry (whatever you’re into) to your rotation.

If you are prone to excessive vaping, consider your nicotine strength. It would probably be a smart idea to not go with full strength. And if it’s the flavor that really gets you, and you vape mostly for the flavor and the essence of using your electronic cigarettes, 0mg nicotine cartridges may be the way to go some of the time.

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