Best Vape Starter Kits

As smokeless vaping devices become increasingly popular, you might be thinking that e-cigarettes are the right choice for you. While making the leap into the electronic cigarette lifestyle can seem daunting, South Beach smokers know that once you do, you’ll never turn your back on the smokeless way of life. However, you can’t begin your vaping on the wrong foot.

Finding the e-cigarette starter kit that’s right for you can help you seamlessly transition to the smokeless lifestyle. With the proper device, you’ll be enjoying the e-cigarette perks – such as smoking inside – in no time.

Easy to use
Simplicity and accessibility tend to be the top priority for e-cigarette users. Fortunately, most electronic cigarettes have been re-vamped over the years, as manufacturers have cut down on finicky pieces and unsafe liquids. Currently, the industry-standard electronic cigarette features only two pieces – the atomizer and nicotine cartridge. The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit has a classy, sleek design that blends the atomizer and cartridge into one piece, which means you won’t have to worry about missing or loose pieces while also providing a smoother draw every time you smoke.

Flavorful options
The flavor – or flavors – of your smokeless vaping device can either make you an e-cigarette believer or turn you off from the product forever. To ensure that you have an enjoyable experience, consider your flavor of choice before picking up your brand-new e-cigarette. E-cigarette flavors can range from natural cigarette taste to chocolate and pina colada. In addition to flavor, the nicotine cartridges can vary in strength. Some don’t feature any nicotine at all, while others can include up to 24mg. Each South Beach Smoke starter kit includes nicotine cartridges with your preferred flavor and strength. The Deluxe Starter Kit and Deluxe Plus Starter Kit come equipped with 10 cartridges, while the Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit features 20 cartridges.

Use and re-use
When it comes to electronic cigarettes, there’s one major determining factor: disposable or re-useable. Both types of e-cigarettes have their perks. Disposable e-cigarettes are great for those who don’t need as many puffs, while e-cigarettes with re-chargable batteries provide smokeless gratification for the long term. If you want a re-useable e-cigarette but without the commitment, the South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit, which includes one standard battery, a USB charger and just one nicotine cartridge, strikes a balance between one-time use and long-term dedication.