How to Maximize Battery Life

You love your South Beach Smoke batteries, don’t you? All the pleasure and enjoyment they bring, all the money they save you over traditional cigarettes, the way they can be used so nonchalantly in public without getting nasty stares from nonsmokers… So like any of your other prized possessions, you probably want to know how to take care of them properly. And because we know this, here is a guide on how to maximize your e-cig battery life, and get the very best lifespan out of them.

-First things first, read the manual. Can’t stress this enough, but in order to take care of your batteries ideally, you need to be really familiar with them and the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

-Pay attention to the charging. Never charge your batteries longer than necessary; when they get to 100% take them off. The only exception here is on the first charge, in which case you will want to charge them for a bit longer.

-Don’t rely on having just one battery. Having at least two (hopefully a couple more as well) will enable you to rotate their use, and give you the benefit of having one ready while the other is charging. Having more than one battery will lessen the wear and tear on each battery, which will extend the life of all of them.

-Never expose your e-cigarette batteries to direct sunlight, and by all means, do not leave them to bake in the sun! Like your cellphone or other electronic devices, lithium ion batteries can deteriorate when they have had too much exposure to the sun and heat.

-Water and batteries are not friends. Like most electronic devices, water does not play well with e-cigarette batteries. Keep yours away from water!

-Keep it clean, this is essential to making your products last and to have the best performance! Clean all the parts between the battery and the cartridge/ cartomizer, focus on the threads and wipe things down with a soft, clean cloth.

-If you are filling your cartomizers yourself, do not overfill. This is bad for performance and bad for the battery because it can cause leaks, which can lead to malfunction. No bueno.

-When not in use, disconnect the cartridge from the battery because it causes a continuous drain on the battery when connected.

We know how much you want your products to last as long as possible, and we know you want to get the most out of your e-cigs, so follow these simple guidelines and take proper care of them! They will provide you much pleasure, and allow you to avoid spending more money than necessary over time!