How to: Store Your E-Juice Properly

E-liquid is your connection to vaping. It ain’t cheap and it’s so good, so it’s rather important to know how to store and keep it safely. Whether you’re a bulk liquid buyer, collect flavors for fun, or just like to sample new things as they come along… You do want to make it last as long as possible, and keep it as fresh as possible, don’t you?

Here are our expert tips on storing your e-liquid, making it last, keeping it fresh, and making sure its potency remains at 100% potential.

Heat & Light: No Bueno

Store your liquids in cool, dry places, far, far away from heat and light. Keeping it in the car is a no-no! These two components are the nemesis of e-liquid preservation, and will do much harm as e-juice is particularly sensitive to them. Some people swear by the medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinets, basements… and these are all good options. Some vapers swear by the fridge or the freezer, however, be warned, others have warned that the flavors can change when stored as such, so if you choose this method, allow your liquid to return to room temperature before vaping with it.

Plastic Isn’t a Long-Term Option

If you are intending on keeping your liquids for a while, it’s a smart idea to replace the plastic bottles they come in, and swap them for amber glass bottles, which are designed for preservation. Amber inhibits the amount of light that will reach your liquids, and glass inhibits oxidation, as well as the growth of bacteria and mold. (gross!)

Check the Dates

Expiration dates are included for a reason; keep an eye on them! The general shelf-life of e-liquids is about 2 years, so if you’re a bulk-buyer, pay attention! Remember, after a certain amount of time, liquids can be susceptible to nasty bacteria and mold!

Other Handy E-Liquid Storage Info:

  • Keep your juices away from children and pets at all times!

  • Use child-proof bottles

  • If necessary, and for peace of mind, lock the cabinet door where you store it

  • Don’t leave your liquids laying around, anytime, anywhere