Using E-Cigarette Accessories to Enhance Your Experience

E-cigarettes are amazing, and when you can use accessories to make them even better, they make being a nonsmoking, vape-smoker that much more interesting. Using alternative cigarettes is so much better for you, and making them work for and more conveniently is one of the best perks you get. Want to know how South Beach Smoke accessories can sweeten the deal? Keep reading!

E-Cigarette Batteries: you need at least one, but the more you have the more options you have. You can keep extras around, which is always a good thing. You can keep specific flavors on specific batteries, and you have the ability to keep yourself covered should you forget a battery, or want to vape while one is charging. Plus, with different options like size and switches, you don’t have to stick to one variations.

E-Cigarette Chargers: Same thing as batteries; you only need one, but more will give you more freedom. The USB charger is the most versatile, because it connects to your computer or laptop for extra versatility. It also works in conjunction with the car adapter, allowing you to charge from your car’s outlet. If you spend a lot of time in your car, this is a must-have.

The Personal Charging Case: This accessory, even though it is also a charger, deserves it’s own little discussion. It has many functions, and offers the user a world of freedom and convenience, and allows for the user to charge batteries without being connected to a wall or outlet. It also holds batteries and up to six extra cartridges! As additional design features, it also has a exterior light, an interior light, and an LED display that shows the remaining battery life so you always know where you stand. And just because we want to take care you properly, when you get a PCC, it comes with an additional wall charger and a USB charger.

The Universal Carry Case: An extra case is always nice to have too. It’s pretty self explanatory how it works and what it does, but having it to stash everything in, to keep your e-cig and your cartridges safe is always nice. If you keep your electronic cigarette stuff in your purse, pocket, or bag, it really won’t hurt you to have a secure case to stay organized. It will make reaching in to grab your e-cigarette all the more convenient, and you’ll rest assured knowing everything has been kept in good condition.

The E-Cigarette Lanyard: Sometimes you just need your electronic cig ready to go, and waiting for you close to your heart! Sometimes reaching into your bag or your pocket is just too much to deal with and life is nicer with your e-cig around your neck. In those instances, the Lanyard will be your best friend, and the most convenient thing to have for vaping!