In the News: Spinfuel Names South Beach Smoke the “Best!”

Recently, South Beach Smoke was named the Best Electronic Cigarette in the market, and was honored with the Spinfuel Award of Excellence. This was a major accomplishment, and we are thrilled to have been given this recognition!

So much thought, effort, and innovation has gone into the development of South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes. The lithium ion batteries, which are the main component of our e-cigs, are top of the line, and the most advanced in the industry. To further the competitive edge, they are updated every three months to ensure their customers receive the most advanced product. Receiving accolades is always wonderful, and we adore the compliments. In this highly competitive market, where there is an inundation of bad products and cheap versions, it is so important to stay ahead of the curve. It’s not just excellent products that keep our customers happy, and our ratings on top; it’s a commitment to stellar customer service as well!

Ensuring that our customers are happy is a huge priority. Carrying two different styles of e-cigs, and five different starter kits means that we offer a plethora of choices to our existing customers as well as new ones. South Beach Smoke’s amazing accessories also provide many options for convenient usage, and truly highlight the essence of “smoking” (or shall I say “e-smoking”) in the 21st century.

If you aren’t in the know, Spinfuel is a mainstay in the e-cigarette business. They are both an online retailer of only the very best e-cigs, and they serve as a consumer database full of electronic cigarette knowledge from firsthand experience. Their retail selection is quite limited, and they maintain a very discriminating approach to their shop. Their customer’s feedback is highly regarded, and at times they have been known to discontinue brands upon customer dissatisfaction, and pick up other e-cigarette lines upon customer request. However before they actually start selling a new company’s products, the entire line will undergo a series of rigid evaluations and they must receive five-star ratings in the categories of Value, Customer Service, Taste, Vapor Production, and Consistency. We are so pleased to have met these very high standards!

So, in closing, thanks a lot to Spinfuel for the Award of Excellence, and the title of Best e-cigarette in the business, and thanks to you all for being amazing customers!