Imagine electronic cigarettes that require absolutely no effort. Where all you have to do is smoke them, exactly as you would with an ordinary cigarette. It’s not like South Beach Smoke’s Deluxe or Premium lines are in any way inconvenient, they are among the most well-made, well-performing e-cigarettes on the market. However sometimes you just need the simplest, easiest way to get your nicotine. Even for electronic smokers, sometimes when life gets too hectic, it may seem that just grabbing a pack of regular smokes here and there will be okay. But when the tobacco is out of your life, don’t you want it to stay that way?

Maybe you had an inclination this was coming, maybe you never even considered it, either way, we would like to introduce to you, our brand new, state-of-the-art,  disposable e-cigarette! Always on the innovative edge, we saw the potential in offering our customers one more convenience. And for those who just want the simplest, most risk-free way to try e-cigs, this is a very safe way to go. They were modeled after South Beach Smoke’s signature design, with the same great features like the ultra-comfortable silicon mouthpiece, and the orange LED light that glows when lit. Where they differ is in the actual construction. The other two designs are 2 and 3 piece models, and the new disposable is a 1 piece, housing the battery, cartridge, atomizer, and they are all pre-filled with the liquid nicotine. Because they are disposable, there is no charging of the battery. So incredibly simple, they were designed to be smoked as soon as you take them out of the package.

Now there is absolutely no reason to revert back to traditional cigarettes. For those who have never tried them, they as much like tobacco cigs as you can get, minus all the gross negatives. They let you use them, and decide if electronic cigarettes really are for you. Chances are they will be, but for a trial experience, you can do it without even the commitment of ordering a basic starter kit. (Even in this instance, SBS keeps it easy by offering a 30-day, money back guarantee)

For current e-smokers, they allow you to have South Beach Smoke quality, even when you are doing something that will be better without needing to charge batteries. For travel, for college students and professionals with really hectic schedules, they are an excellent addition to your electronic smoking repertoire.