Introducing Our New Vaporizers!

You knew this day was coming at some point, right? Well, friends, it has arrived, and we are more than elated to be bringing you the very best, state of the art South Beach Smoke vaporizers, ready to rock your world!

The South Beach Smoke Air has been around for a little while, and as awesome as it is, we weren’t inclined to stop there. We wanted to bring South Beach Smoke quality, originality, and style even further into the domain of advanced vaporizers, and give you all even more options when vaping with enhanced power and performance. So, without further ado, let us introduce these beauties!

The Storm

The Storm takes basic to a new level, and this line of vaporizers comes in four different, high-performing versions: the Storm 650, the Storm 1100, the Storm 650 LCD, and the Storm 1100 Variable.

The Curve

The Curve vaporizer combines exquisite looks and powerful performance; a rather enticing combo when it comes to vaping! This vape pen was designed with women in mind, to offer a sexy device that can perform when it needs to.

The Thunder

Can you feel it? The Thunder is a seriously profound vaping machine. Offering thunderous performance levels and rockin’ control options such as variable voltage, this a vaporizer made for action.

One of the coolest features we will be offering will be our Custom Vaporizer Builder, which will allow you to customize your vape pen digitally by mixing and matching batteries and tanks. The beauty of this enables you to have exactly what you want in your vaporizer, getting as creative as you want, to get the performance you want.

We are thrilled to now offer you an insanely sweet lineup of South Beach Smoke vaporizers! So we encourage you to get shopping, get vaping, and enjoy the rad performance; you already know our e-liquids rock! Be sure to share your creations with us; as excited as we are about the launch of our new line of vaporizers, we cannot wait to see the combos you come up with!