Introducing South Beach Smoke’s USA-MADE E-Juice and 24mg Cartridges!

We have some really exciting new happenings when it comes to our e-cig cartridges! We are really pleased to announce that our e-juice is now made in the USA and we are now offering a really powerful new nicotine strength!

With more and more people desiring products that are made in the United States, it’s our pleasure to have this asset. Supporting American companies is important to many Americans, and it has many small repercussions like supporting our national economy. More things being made in America means more jobs for Americans, a very big deal nowadays with the unsteady economic climate.

For others, the interest in American-made products is beyond monetary; it extends to the  level of quality associated with products made here. With so many products coming from overseas, many e-cigarette users have taken issue with a lack of quality control. With imported products, much can happen in transport, and having them made in the US eliminates that danger. American manufacturing guarantees the best flavor and absolute freshness in all of our cartridges as well as e-cigarette disposables. South Beach Smoke e-cigarette cartridges have always been praised throughout the industry for being exemplar when it comes to flavors and their performance, and now that our juice is made in the USA, it takes our product quality to a new level.

Other big news involving our cartridges, is that we now carry a new strength in our cartridges, the Bold, 24mg carts. Taking our nicotine offerings to an even greater height, we are confident this new strength gives even more options to smokers who are curious about vapor cigarettes. Having a wider selection of nicotine options gives more choices to smokers who are looking to use e-cigs. Having cartridges in a 24mg strength gives heavy smokers a valid option that will satisfy them, and be quite relative to what they are accustomed to, all in vapor form. For smokers who go through several packs of cigarettes a day, these are a perfect alternative.