Introducing the Air

We like to innovate, it’s one of the things we do best! And while we are so proud of our current line of electronic cigarettes, and happy to have earned the amazingly loyal customer base we have, we are on the verge of introducing a new product we’ve been working on. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the Air!

The South Beach Smoke Air represents a new era in the age of electronic cigarettes. This exciting product is more than just a standard, “cig-a-like” e-cigarette; it is a highly-advanced, expertly crafted, beautifully executed personal vaporizer. It is about to be released, and promises unparalleled power and performance, giving users a more high-tech option when vaping. Stunning in looks, with a gleaming stainless steel body, this is an electronic cigarette that looks nothing like a traditional cigarette, and performs with determination.

Personal vaporizers have gotten immensely popular as of late, and it is because they give the user an even greater experience when smoking electronically. Able to be customized, and work with a number of different accessories to create a satisfying and personal take on vaping, their level of power is far beyond what standard e-cigarettes can offer.

Also being released alongside the South Beach Smoke Air will be an extensive collection of different flavored e-liquids, giving users unsurpassed options in flavor choices. Unlike the majority of brands on the market, our top quality liquids can be custom blended to create new, exciting blends, exactly as the customer wants them. All South Beach Smoke e-liquids are manufactured in the USA, of only the highest grade ingredients, so you can expect an exemplary amount of vapor production, the most powerful throat hits, and the kind of performance you know we’re good for.

Vaporizers represent the new age of vaping; no longer are you restricted to models that simply recreate the look of traditional cigarettes. Get ready for the power, the performance, and the future! Are you ready?