Introducing the Reusable Express Starter Kit

Always looking to make our customers happy, as well as make potential customers happy, we love introducing new products! Our latest development are our fantastic, new, Reusable Express Starter Kits, which are the simplest and most affordable e-cig starter kit option in the e-cigarette industry. These new kits have replaced our Premium line, compromising with a more advanced, technologically superior 2-part kit that remains just as affordable. With the great success of our Deluxe line, and it’s incredible design performance, it only made sense to go in this progressive direction.

We totally understand that people new to e-cigarettes may not be inclined to drop a lot of money on a starter kit, even with our “30-Day, Money Back Guarantee.” Others may not want a large variety of accessories and extra batteries, and if they are just looking to try it all out, keeping it simple is best.

Even still, we have created these new starter kits to really pack a punch. None of the high quality we are known for has been left out, and the experience is entirely authentic, and entirely satisfying. Each Express starter kit will contain 1 Standard-Size, Lithium-Ion battery, 1 USB Charger for convenient charging from your computer computer, and 1 cartridge with a built-in atomizer. They come in your choice of two flavors: either Tobacco or Menthol, which are, obviously, both very popular. The packaging is also pretty clever, featuring a flip-top box very similar to a compact, ordinary cigarette box.

In so many ways, our goal is to offer convenience. We proudly offer a wide range of accessories and e-cigarette products to make your use and daily lives more enjoyable. We also understand that not every product is for every type e-smoker. And we happily offer a wide range of starter kits because we know that different set-ups work better for different people. With our new Reusable Express starter kits, beginners have the ability to try out vaping without having to spend a lot of money, or with a bunch of different products they aren’t even sure they will want or need. You can’t get more simple than one battery, one cartomizer, and one charger in your flavor choice! Set up is simple, and the puffing is simple!