Introducing the SBS Thunder!

You know we are really into bringing you the latest advanced vaporizers and mods around, and you are going to love what we’re about to share with you! We are so excited to introduced the brand-new highly anticipated South Beach Smoke Thunder! This groundbreaking vaporizer is going to rock your world and show you what vaping with exceptional power is all about! This sophisticated device is here to bring performance like you never had it before.

The Thunder takes all the essentials for high-powered vaping and serves them up in a sexy stainless steel or black body, ready to give you the best experience and sensations you could ask for. Power, performance, variable voltage, style, massive hits, and quality: it’s all here folks!

The Thunder Starter Kit makes it all happen with total finesse. Equipped with all the necessities, you get everything you need to get vaping with this monumental vaporizer. It features variable voltage, which is always-exciting. Who doesn’t want want to control how their device performs in every way? The Thunder battery comes at a whopping 1300 mAh, so you get a very powerful machine that can handle the needs of vapers who go heavy and like things in extreme proportions.

The Thunder tank was made to coincide delightfully with its matching vape pen, and this sweet tank was designed with airflow control to boost the performance even higher. It not only works flawlessly with the Thunder tank, however, it also can work with any other South Beach Smoke vaporizer.

The Thunder Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 Thunder Variable Voltage Battery

  • 1 Thunder Tank (with atomizer and airflow control)

  • 5 Additional Dual Atomizers

  • 1 Wall Charger

  • 1 USB Charger

So are you ready for South Beach Smoke’s Thunder? This vape pen is going to blow the roof off your previous experiences of vaping, the power and performance are to die for!