It’s In the Stars

Celebrities love e-cigarettes. They have been proud proponents of these innovative products since they first hit the market, and over the years not much has changed. In fact, more and more celebrities are using alternative cigarettes and they are not shy about it, as they are always getting photographed with e-cigs in hand.

Traditional cigarettes really  don’t make you look good anymore, in fact they have the opposite effect. While cigarettes once held an air of glamour, that’s as far from their reality as can be. Because we all know how dangerous tobacco cigarettes are, and are aware of the negative impact they can have on the body, people who smoke them tend to just look out of touch and old-fashioned. For those in Hollywood, this is exactly what they want to avoid. When you are considered to be a role model, the last thing you want is a negative image or to be portraying negative habits.

On the contrary, for celebs, using electronic cigarettes gives you a modern edge. They show you care about your health, your image, and are willing to use a more technologically advanced, innovative alternative. For the famous, it pays to be responsible on so many levels.

Young celebs are really into vaping these days, and they are all about showing off their electronic smoking devices. Everyone from Robert Pattinson to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus have been photographed with their e-cigs being touted as their accessory du jour. South Beach Smoke is a particular favorite brand among the trendy Hollywood scene, with our products having a solid reputation for quality and hot style.

If you’re interested in checking out the hottest vapor smoking products this side of Hollywood, browse our selection of electronic cigarette starter kits and advanced personal vaporizers to see what all the hype is about and why people, especially those in Hollywood, are choosing clean odorless vapor in favor of nasty traditional cigarettes.

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