It’s National Watermelon Day!

Folks, summer’s in full swing, and it’s hotter than swamp-ass. That’s why today is National Watermelon Day. Surprised? Neither are we. Yet for a fruit that’s no less a vegetable, ( no seriously), it’s flavor is coveted the world over this time of year. Watermelon not just varies in color, but is measured by it’s size and consistency – much like the plumes of vapor we yearn for.

Because what is more refreshing, satisfying, enjoying, and able to cool you off better than a sweet slice of watermelon? Pretty much nothing except watermelon-flavored e-liquid… which very well may be more refreshing than actual ice-cold watermelon. However, that part is subjective. We’re partial to vaping. Anyway, if you haven’t yet, we totally suggest getting on the bandwagon today and vaping some of this refreshing flavor because it’s that darn delicious an entire national day is devoted to it.

If you aren’t yet aware, South Beach Smoke honors this day with a delectable watermelon-inspired vape juice: Watermelon Wave E-liquid (30ml). This liquid produces the most deliciously refreshing, fruity, sweet-tinged clouds of vapor that dance across your tastebuds with endless wavelength enjoyment. Its sweetness gets complimented by its refreshing ability to satisfy on the hottest of days, while never disappointing with a lack of complex flavor! This surely is a one-of-a-kind vape.

If you want even further diversity, don’t forget that custom blending is always an option, and if you want a more adventurous version than straight-up watermelon, try some of our watermelon blends. Some of the best are: Watermelon Zest Candy Crush, Watermelon Chill, and Juicy Fruit.   Just as refreshing with that rejuvenating wave of watermelon flavor, don’t underestimate the power of watermelon to perfectly enhance other flavors. From bright, fruity strawberry, to cool icy menthol; watermelon is the flavor of the day, even when blended.

So kick back and enjoy anytime, or anywhere; nothing makes the dog days of summer more delicious than watermelon, any way you slice or vape it! Happy National Watermelon Day!