Keep Cool: Why Extreme Temps are Bad For Your E-Cigs

Did you know that exposure to extreme temperatures can be fatal to your vape devices? Oh yes, they certainlly can! Your electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are made to work under specific temperature conditions, and the highest of the highs, and the lowest of the lows can significantly decrease their performance, alter their performance, and even destroy their capability to perform! You know how it goes though; the better you care for them, the longer they’ll last, the better they’ll perform, and the more money you’ll save.

The majority of e-cig/ vaporizer batteries are lithium ion, the same types used in computers and cellphones. Knowing that, you are probably aware that leaving your computer or phone in a steamy or freezing car can destroy them; same thing goes for e-cigs. The extreme heat can cause them to actually melt, and the extreme cold can cause them to freeze!

Considering the crazy winter full of extreme freezes that we have seen this year, here are some temperature tips to keep in mind so you can protect your devices properly.

-Don’t leave your vape batteries in the car, regardless of outside temperatures.

-Don’t leave your vape outside either, for the same reason.

-Exposure to rain is also a bad thing. A drop or two won’t cause much damage, but a downfall can and most likely will.

-Showering, steaming in the sauna, or swimming in the pool with your e-cigarette are all bad ideas too. Wait till you’re dry. Moisture and batteries is not a good combo.

-E-cigs need moderate temperatures, preferably between 14 degrees at the coldest, and 86 at the hottest, with the best being in the median of that range.

Always store your e-cigarettes and vaporizers securely when not in use to further protect them. For this reason specifically, we make cases designed to ensure their safety.

So, now you know, if the temperatures are getting too hot or cold, regard your e-cigs just like you would your other precious electronic devices. Extremes can be a killer, so provide your vape pleasant moderate temps!