Keep Your Pets Safe From Smoke!

Smoking indoors is a bad idea. Smoking indoors if you have pets is downright irresponsible. While it may seem innocuous, tobacco smoke can be just as dangerous, if not even more to your fur-babies. So if you are still smoking traditional cigarettes near your pets (why don’t you switched to South Beach Smoke, already?), here’s some info as to why you should change your ways.

Just like people can be affected by cigarette smoke in terms of their breathing and respiratory health, so can your pets. This includes allergies, which cats and dogs are particularly sensitive to. Also, along the lines of allergies, dogs’ skin can be affected by a type of dermatitis, which is an allergic inflammation of the skin, related to smoke exposure.

Cats are susceptible to what is known as third-hand smoke, because of their meticulous grooming nature. When smoke particles settle on their fur, they consume them, ingesting them.

Birds are very sensitive to smoke because of their delicate respiratory systems. Coughing, wheezing, lung cancer, and pneumonia are all very real dangers that come as a result of exposure to tobacco smoke. They also are known to have problems with their vision, hearts, skin, and fertility because of smoke!

And for those of you smokers who have ditched the tobacco for vaping, here is a little tidbit to keep in mind: An additional concern for pet owners is that of nicotine. If your precocious animals are known to get into your stuff, be sure to always, always, ALWAYS keep your cartridges and nicotine e-liquids out of their reach. Nicotine poison is very real, and it can be fatal.

Our animal friends are priceless. The love, companionship, and compassion we gain from them is unlike anything else; hence the reason more households in the US have pets than not. So, if you find yourself in this majority, please do right by them and avoid smoking cigarettes in their living space. They’ll thank you with their good health, and years of companionship. And, just as a reminder if you are still smoking cigarettes, do yourself a favor and switch to electronic cigarettes, which are smoke free and tobacco free, so using them indoors does not subject your pets to tobacco and its byproducts.