Keeping Organized With Electronic Cigarettes

Who hasn’t encountered clutter? It is an issue to combat for most people, and even if you are pretty organized, who doesn’t want a little more order when it comes to their possessions? Are you aware of all the awesome e-cigarette accessories that we offer that can help keep your daily e-smoking perfectly organized? Not just novelty, these products play multiple roles and are total necessities if you are smoking e-cigs. No one wants to fumble around their bag or pockets every time they want to puff, and if you are pressed for time, it can be ridiculously inconvenient having to locate your goods. Here is a little info on all of our accessories that can do so much to make your vaping experience that much nicer!

The Universal Carry Case: The most basic, and most essential piece every e-cig user should have. This case holds your e-cigarette, (an atomizer if you are using a 3-piece Premium model) and two refill cartridges. It is slim, and can really fit anywhere, and wherever you keep it, it is sure to keep all of your electronic smoking gear in place, and ready to go. If you are constantly on the go, investing in a couple of these, and keeping them stocked is a really great thing to do so you can be free to have your nicotine whenever you want. If you are need effortless security, and don’t want to carry a purse or bag, this case has no problem fitting inside of a pocket!

The Personal Charging Case: An added luxury, that makes using electronic cigarettes an absolute breeze. Traditional cigarettes could only dream of the freedom this case allows. It is basically like having a electric outlet wherever you are, wherever you go. It charges your Standard size batteries, while it holds them. Even more brilliant is how tiny this thing is; you bet it can fit in your back pocket or even the tiniest purse!

The Universal E-Cig Lanyard: A hands-free way to keep your e-cig on you, ready for action. For outdoor excursions, and any kind of fun you may be having in which you don’t want to be searching for it, it’ll be waiting  around your neck!

Vapor cigarettes offer users so much more convenience, freedom, and overall benefits; why bother with tobacco anymore!?