Keeping Your Battery Charged

Batteries: you can’t vape without ‘em! They have to stay charged, and they are pretty much your life source when it comes to getting your vapor on. Here is a look at the different charging choices when using South Beach Smoke; don’t feel limited, you’ve got options!

The Wall Charger

In the world of electronic cigarette accessories, the Wall Charger is a standard option. As you’d expect, it charges your battery via a wall outlet, and it requires electricity to power up. It’s versatile, and as long as you know you’ve got a wall to charge from, it goes anywhere.

The USB Charger

Charging from a USB outlet is a mainstay in today’s day and age. Charging through your digital devices such as tablets and computers makes things a little easier, and if you are already using the device, you just have to hook the charger and battery up and you’re good to go. Convenience goes a very long way when it comes to electronic smoking.

The Car Adapter

If you spend any significant amount of time in your car, the Car Charger is a smart thing to have. Why not take advantage of your vehicle’s power while you’re driving where you need to go? It’s great for saving time and staying charged without any inconveniences. It’s especially helpful if you have a daily commute or are on a long distance drive.

The Personal Charging Case

The PCC is one of our long-time best sellers. This charger needs to be in the arsenal of every vaper, as it gives you the most freedom of all of our charging options. When using it, an outlet, computer, car, or external power connection is not needed; it charges batteries wherever you are, whether you’ve got it in your bag, desk, or pocket. It can charge a battery four times before needing to be charged, and because it’s the size of a traditional pack of cigarettes, your options are limitless as to where you can take it with you!

When it comes to your e-cigarette batteries, you have to stay charged. Lucky for you, we make it easy!