Kick off 2014 with exciting e-cig flavors

If you’re a loyal South Beach Smoke customer, you already know how rich, thick and satisfying our water-based vapor is. However, it’s easy to fall into old habits or choose the familiar option when you make the switch from traditional tobacco to electronic cigarettes. Why not spice things up in the new year by choosing an exciting new flavor of e-cig cartridge?

Light and playful
When it comes to trying something a little different, South Beach Smoke has got you covered. If you’re used to traditional tobacco tastes such as our Tobacco Gold or Tobacco Blue cartridges, mix it up and sample some tastes that are a little more playful. Our brand-new watermelon flavor is as mouthwateringly appetizing as the real fruit, and provides you with the same satisfying throat hit as our bolder flavors with a lighter, tastier edge.

Alternatively, you could try out one of our inventive new combinations, such as Orange and Mint, which is as delicious as it sounds, or our Frank’s Lemon Lime taste, which offers a crisp, refreshing edge that no other brand of electronic cigarette can match.

Bold and satisfying
Of course, if you’ve tried our lighter tastes and want something a little more serious, our wide range of tobacco flavors are perfect. Many of our customers find these tastes to be exactly what they want when making the transition from traditional smokes to e-cigarettes, and for good reason.

Depending on your former brand of tobacco cigarettes, you’ll want to evaluate your options when it comes to the equivalent flavor of cartridge. For example, if you’re used to brands like Camel, Marlboro or American Spirit, our Golden Tobacco taste is the perfect match. Prefer Pall Mall, Winston, Lucky Strikes or Chesterfield? Then go for our Tobacco Classic flavored e-cig cartridges, which all offer the bold, rich taste of tobacco without the mess, hassle or inconvenience of traditional tobacco.

Make the switch
Whether you’re hanging out at home or getting ready to paint the town red this New Year’s Eve, there’s never been a better time to ditch tobacco and join the vaping revolution. To welcome 2014 with a bang, South Beach Smoke is offering our Deluxe Starter Kits at a discount of 25 percent, so you could save big when you make the switch. Still not convinced? Why not try our disposable electronic cigarettes and see what all the fuss is about? We’re confident you’ll never look back once you’ve tried vaping for yourself!