Kickstart Your Last Dash Holiday Gift-Grab With South Beach Smoke’s Starter Kits

Hectic. Stressful. Even hopeless.

Does ‘all of above’ easily describe your holiday gift ideas, or lack thereof, for those hard-to-shop-for family and friends? You’re not alone, and thanks to South Beach Smoke, finding the seemingly impossible perfect gift may have just become a little more

They are Starter Kits, and boy are they worth their vaping while and your wallet. Consisting of South Beach Smoke’s own line of vaporizers, these sweet pocket-sized presents come well equipped with their respective tank, atomizer(s), rechargeable battery, USB and wall charger.

But wait, there’s more!

Act now and you could save up to 75% off the listed retail price. Consider it an added bonus especially when shopping for those in desperate need of some holiday cheer. A little can indeed truly go a long way, and South Beach Smoke intends to keep it that way.

So without further ado, meet the starter kits that continue to introduce vaping in new and satisfying ways.

Storm Starter Kit: Unparalleled in its technology, the Storm Vaporizer offers both performance and power exactly how you want it. Complete with a 2.2 OHM atomizer, 2mL tank capacity and 650 mAh battery, the storm will surge your need for the ultimate vaping experience.

Curve Starter Kit: Offering sleek design by way of it curvature, the Curve vaporizer kit more than impresses in both its vape ability and killer looks! Offering a 2.2ML Curve tank, 650 mAh Curve battery and 2.2 OHM atomizer, this vaporizer is as chic as it is unique – all the while delivering uncompromised output.

Thunder Starter Kit: Showcasing some of the best vaping technology around, the Thunder Starter Kit brings powerful performance unlike any other. Loaded with a 1.7ML Thunder tank offering airflow control, 1.8 OHM atomizer and a ridiculous 1300 mAh battery, the Thunder vaporizer is a bold vape experience to behold.

South Beach Smoke Air Starter Kit: A modern yet compact device, the Air Starter Kit is an advanced vaporizer offering power and performance that’s second to none! With it’s hidden wick atomizer, 350 mAh battery and ability to tap an extensive line of 100% USA made e-liquids, pre-filled cartridges are now a thing of the past. Welcome to the next level in personal vaporizer technology.